Number of Syrians fleeing Daraa keeps increasing

Civil defense sources in Daraa tell Anadolu Agency over 350,000 people have fled Daraa

Number of Syrians fleeing Daraa keeps increasing

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Over 350,000 people have fled Syria’s southwestern city of Daraa to border areas near Jordan and Israel due to attacks by Syrian regime forces and their allies, according to civil defense sources on Friday.

On June 12, the Syrian regime, supported by Iranian militia groups and Russian air power, launched a major operation aimed at capturing opposition-held parts of southern Syria. 

Civil defense sources in Daraa said that the number of people fleeing Daraa has surpassed 350,000. 

Mostly women and children civilians are looking for shelter near the Jordanian border. 

A drone has captured on film civilians from Daraa trying to live in makeshift tents. 

According to the U.K.-based Syrian Network for Human Rights, at least 214 civilians -- including women and children -- were killed in regime attacks in Daraa in the period from June 15 to June 30. 

The onslaught has reportedly forced tens of thousands of civilians to flee to areas near Syria’s border with Jordan.

On Thursday, the UN called on Jordan to open its border and provide temporary shelter to tens of thousands of Syrian people fleeing airstrikes in southwestern Syria.


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