OIC voices concern over Syria, keeps silent on Egypt

OIC Secretary-General called on the Syrian regime to allow a UN team to examine the chemical attack but still did not speak about the massacres in Egypt

OIC voices concern over Syria, keeps silent on Egypt

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Secretary General of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu expressed his concern over Wednesday's chemical attack in Syria, which killed hundreds of civilians, including children and women.

The OIC called on the Syrian regime to allow the UN team of chemical weapons experts who are currently in Damascus to research the scene of the attack.

The attack was a great violation of international law, Ihsanoglu said while expressing his concern that things would become even worse in Syria if claims that the Assad regime was behind the attack proved to be true.

Over 1,000 civilians died in the chemical weapons attack that hit Syria's Damascus suburbs early on Wednesday.

Ihsanoglu angered many after he called on all parties in Egypt to exercise restraint, but failed to condemn the massacres by security forces. Turkey had called for the resignation of the head of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation for not speaking out against the bloodshed in Egypt. Similar calls made in social media by thousands.

Turkey's deputy prime minister, Bekir Bozdag, accused the OIC and its Turkish secretary general of condoning Egypt's bloody crackdown on supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi. 

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