Oldies volunteer in Battalion fighting against Assad in Aleppo

Older volunteers call out for youth to protect Syrian homeland.

Oldies volunteer in Battalion fighting against Assad in Aleppo

World Bulletin/News Desk

A group of 30 volunteers in Syria's Aleppo aged between 50 and 70 are holding guard and fighting against Assad's forces near the surrounding towns of Nubul and Zehra.

Those who are holding the front-line consist of lawyers, engineers, teachers and business owners who are at the front line.

The founder of the group, Abu Bera al Hirfan said that they discussed with family and friends and decided to form the group after everyones agreement.

Expressing his desire for the younger generations who have abandoned their country and wanting them to return, al Hirfan said, “Many people aged over 50 have joined our group, even those who are 70 have joined. This group was organised with the aim of those who older volunteers which is why we have given this name. We would like the younger generation to come and fight on the front until the government collapses. We are still fighting against them, even at this age”.

One of the group members, 64 year old lawyer Hajj Hasan said that the were holding guard at the front with some younger members. Hajj Hasan who lost thee sons who fought against Assad forces, said that, “I am calling out to the younger men who have left the country. We are fighting here against Assad. Remove the fear out of your heart, replace it with iman and fight your war”.



Güncelleme Tarihi: 05 Aralık 2014, 13:54