Orthodox Jews protest 'Zionist Israel' in Brussels

Thousands of Orthodox Jews held protests against Zionist Israel in Brussels

Orthodox Jews protest 'Zionist Israel' in Brussels

Thousands of Orthodox Jews coming from different countries of Europe protested ‘Zionist Israel’ in front of EU institutions in Brussels.

Devout Jews accused Israel of oppressing Orthodox minority and converting them into secular Zionists.

In a press statement, protesters said, Israeli leaders saw the army as an active means to convert Orthodox society as a whole and that’s why, they compelled the youngsters to do military service despite army’s inefficient capacity, adding army worked as a melting pot in which were devout Jews were converted into secular Zionists.

Orthodox Jews appealed to EU to compel Israel to give up taking devout youngsters into military service and to accept those who escaped from Israel as political refugees.

An Orthodox Rabbi talked to press and stated Israeli army did not consist of a military structure and acted as an ideological school which aimed to infuse Zionism doctrine into everyone.

“Real Jewishness is Zionism according to Israel and it tries to teach that in the army. They announce our heroes as bad and our bad men as Jewish. We are not soldiers, but pacifist people. They believe we need an army, but we have never had an army for 2,000 years and we live so. However, in last 60 years, many Jewish people were killed,” said the protester Rabbi.

Stating Israel did not represent Jews as it claimed, he also commented, “Israel doesn’t represent Jews and Jews should not be charged as responsible due to actions of Zionist Israeli government. If you manage to keep Jews separate from Israel, you will solve a key portion of anti-Semitism. Because, a key portion of feelings against Israel are reflected back to Jews. We are not responsible for what Israel does.”


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philomath - 8 yıl Önce

Jews are not Zionists (in fact, they are *against* Zionists) and Zionists shouldn't represent Jews or Judaism. this simple fact has never been understood due to Zionist propaganda.for anyone wanting to learn more, visit http://www.truetorahjews.org/

Moshy - 8 yıl Önce

the 1st was in Jerusalem, Israel with over 50,000 Orthodox Jews,The 2nd protest was june 9 2013 in New York City with over 100,000 Orthodox Jews , now it was the third,

MaoSayTongue - 8 yıl Önce

Most Orthodox Jews were doctrinally anti-Zionist, believing the Talmud says that "[the foundation of a Jewish state prior to the coming of the Messiah is a sin]," until they were offered FREE LAND in the occupied territories after the June War.