Palestinians to stay in Cairo for Arab League meeting on Gaza

Palestinian negotiators will leave Cairo on Sunday unless Israel agrees to return to Egyptian-mediated negotiations to end the war in Gaza without setting conditions

Palestinians to stay in Cairo for Arab League meeting on Gaza

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Palestinian negotiators will remain in Cairo for an urgent meeting with the Arab League on Monday to discuss the Gaza crisis, Egypt's state MENA news agency said.

The Palestinian delegation had said it was likely to abandon Egyptian-mediated talks on Sunday unless Israel agreed to return to the table without pre-conditions.

"Sunday will be a decisive day and this depends on the behavior of the Israeli side," Bassam al-Salehi, a member of a Palestinian negotiating team, told Anadolu Agency on Sunday.

Al-Salehi said that the Palestinian side will consult with Egypt on their decision to leave Cairo.

"The Egyptian side knows our keenness on the success of the negotiations and knows that the Israeli side is trying to blackmail us," he said.

Te head of the delegation Azzam Ahmed said "tomorrow we have a meeting with the Egyptian leadership in the morning and on the basis of that we will decide our future plan."

"We will leave Cairo tomorrow if it is confirmed to us that they will not return except with conditions."

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that Israel would stay away from Egyptian-mediated truce talks with Hamas as long as Palestinian rocket and mortar attacks from the Gaza Strip continued.

"Israel will not negotiate under fire," Netanyahu said in broadcast remarks at the weekly meeting of his cabinet, in Tel Aviv.

"At no stage did we declare (Israel's military offensive) was over," he said. "The operation will continue until its objective - the restoration of quiet over a protraced period - is achieved. I said at the beginning and throughout the operation - it will take time, and stamina is required."

Palestinians say Israel had refused to accept demands including an end to the blockade of Gaza and the opening of a seaport.

The balance of power on the ground between the Palestinian resistance and Israel had changed, a senior leader of the Gaza-based Palestinian resistance movement Hamas said Saturday.

"The resistance will cross the border in the next battle to kill Israel's soldiers," Osama Hamdan, the chief of international relations at the movement, added.

He said during a political gathering in the Moroccan capital Rabat that Hamas has videos showing the enormity of the losses the Israeli army had sustained during its offensive on the Gaza Strip.

Hamdan added that support given the Palestinian resistance by Arab countries contributed to what he called the achievements this resistance made in the past weeks.

"Israel's continual aggressions against the Gaza Strip aim to spoil the Palestinian national project," Hamdan said.

"The battle waged by the resistance proved that resistance to the enemy is the only means through which the Palestinians can liberate Jerusalem," he added.

Hamdan called on Arab peoples to keep on supporting the Palestinians in their struggle against the Israeli occupation of their territories and violations against the Gaza Strip.

Death toll up to 1917

One more Palestinian was killed in a fresh Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip on Sunday, taking the death toll from Israel's ongoing military offensive to 1917, a Health Ministry official said.

"A woman was killed and her husband injured in Israeli shelling of their house in the southern Khan Younis city," ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qodra told Anadolu Agency.

The attack came shortly after one Palestinian was killed and seven others were injured in Israeli shelling of a house in the Jabalya refugee camp in northern Gaza Strip.

The latest fatality brings to 1917 the number of Palestinians killed in relentless Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip since July 7. At least 9861 Palestinians have also been injured.

Israel resumed its airstrikes on the Gaza Strip on Friday as soon as a three-day ceasefire with Palestinian factions expired.

Israel claims that the offensive aims to undermine rocket-fire capabilities by Gaza-based Palestinian factions.

According to Israeli figures, at least 64 soldiers have been killed in battles with Palestinian fighters in the Gaza Strip and three civilians by rocket fire.


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