Paris attacks could be beginning of the end for ISIL

With the Paris attacks the first attack by ISIL outside of the Middle East, ISIL expert William McCants believes that ISIL will eventually fall apart

Paris attacks could be beginning of the end for ISIL

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William McCants, an ISIL expert and who is a fellow at the Center for Middle East Policy  has said in an interview to the The Washington Times,  that the attacks have galvanized support for a large-scale invasion of territory held by ISIL, in particular in Syria. He stated that even if that attack doesn't come soon, McCants said he is confident that, in the longer run, ISIL in Syria and Iraq will crumble.

McCanT also said that he was certain that ISIL would fall apart, in the same pattern of  previous groups that have threatened other powerful nations. He said that statelets antagonize powerful nations and that those "nations decide they are better without this statelet, and get rid of it. The Taliban, for example. Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb in northern Mali. The Shabab in Somalia. All of those governed badly and they were brutal, but that’s not why they failed. They failed because they antagonized some powerful foreign nation that decided to come in and clean their clock. ISIL is provoking two very powerful nations by attacking Russian civilians and French civilians, and this could be the beginning of the end for them".


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