Pianist at Yarmouk Camp in Syria

Young refugee camp resident in Damascus performs music to get the voices of the suffering heard through music and relieve their pain.

Pianist at Yarmouk Camp in Syria
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In a district of war-torn Damascus stands the refugee Yarmouk Camp where a 26-year-old camp resident and his friends play music to help alleviate suffering in the camp.

Like a scene from the Oscar winning movie ‘The Pianist’, Eyhem Ahmed plays a piano in the ruins of the city. 

‘The Yarmuk Youth’ was set up by Ahmed and his friends. They brought a piano and other instruments to the camp with help in a portable handcart. . 

‘’We prefer the sound of music to the sound of bullets,’’ Ahmed says. ''Music is a universal concept without the need for translation that hits the soul''.  

Ahmed says that many people have died of starvation at the camp. Official figures suggest that around one hundred in the last year - and his aim and that of the band is to get the siege lifted so that food can come in. 

Ahmed stressed that his band began to perform music in the camp for peace and joy in the country.
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