Post military ultimatum Pro-Mursi show of strength planned

Since the Egyptian military issued an ultimatum last night, pro-Mursi demonstrations have begun being prepared by Islamist movements, with the Muslim Brotherhood in the forefront.

Post military ultimatum Pro-Mursi show of strength planned

Abdullah Aydoğan Kalabalık/ World Bulletin- Cairo

Islamist movements in Egypt are planning a show of strength on Tuesday with large demonstrations planned in all cities as hundreds of thousands are expected to take to the streets.

After the military issued an ultimatum giving the government 48 hours, tens of thousands of people took to the streets in different cities, especially Cairo, and held celebrations at Tahrir Square and in front of the Ittihadiyye Presidential Palace.

Members of the Islamist movements representing large sections of the people and their sympathizers reacted to the ultimatum, which is being interpreted as revenge against the January 25 Tahrir revolution, and as an initiative to undermine the process and once again return the remains of the old regime to power. In the parliamentary elections conducted at the beginning of 2012, parties representing Islamist movements received 71 percent of the votes.

Following the ultimatum, what was attention-grabbing was that a helicopter participated in the demonstrations against Mursi by flying over Tahrir Square with an Egyptian flag. Interpretations are being expressed that a group within the military may have organized the demonstration.

Tensions on the Street were somewhat relieved when the Egyptian military made a statement that “the implementation of coup politics will not be permitted,” and issued a second ultimatum expressing “this is not a revolution.”

It is indicated that the Presidency is still assessing the ultimatum, but the expected announcement on the subject has yet to be released.

Various scenarios regarding the new process after the ultimatum and its roadmap are being discussed. Six scenarios are especially attention-catching.

1— Mursi will decide on early election and will continue his duties during the process. However, it must be noted that this is a difficult possibility. An important portion of the public believe that Mursi’s term has come to an end.

2 – The establishment of a Presidential council and national reconciliation government. The possibility of the council including the administrators of the parties under the umbrella of the National Liberation Front, such as El Baradei, Hamdin Sabbahi and Amr Moussa, as well as military representatives is being assessed as a possibility. In the case if consensus on this scenario, it is said that representatives of Islamist movements will not want to be left out of the council.

3 - The Constitutional Court president governing during this process, and the establishment of a technocrat government. In particular, the proposals of the “Tamarod” rebellion movement are known as being a transitional process proposal.

4 - The Muslim Brotherhood providing the resignation of Mursi while retaining the government. This way, the Muslim Brotherhood which surrenders its Presidency to the army and opposition will still continue to govern the country. For this scenario to be accepted, the Islamist movements must mobilize hundreds of thousands onto the streets and organize rallies of millions.

5 - The Muslim Brotherhood may consult with Salafi movements such as the Jamaat-ul-Islamia and choose to resist. By organizing meetings in response to those against Mursi, they will have to demonstrate to the public and the military that the will of the people is on their side.

6- The violence and armed conflict scenario. This would mean the country drifting into chaos as in Afghanistan and Algeria. It is said that this scenario is being generated by external centers. However the Egyptian media continues to spread and discuss this scenario.

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