Private sector in city of Sfax joins Tunisia’s general strike

Only private sector in Sfax participated in strike.

Private sector in city of Sfax joins Tunisia’s general strike

Hundreds of private-sector workers in Sfax participated Thursday in Tunisia’s general strike.

The strike is taking place under the Day of Rage slogan that was called by the powerful UGTT labor union to demand salary hikes.

The walkout carries social and development demands as well as a radical solution to the problem of waste accumulation in the streets of Sfax which has been ongoing for 10 months.

Hundreds of workers in public and private institutions participated in the strike, chanting slogans expressing demands.

The UGTT called a nationwide one-day strike that included 159 public institutions, seaports and airports.

The union, which has more than 1 million members, is demanding wage increases for state workers as inflation hit a record 7.5% in April, from 7.2% in March and 7% in February.

Tunisia has been in the throes of a deep political crisis that has aggravated the country's economic conditions since President Kais Saied ousted the government, suspended parliament and assumed executive authority last July.

While Saied insists his measures were meant to "save" the country, critics have accused him of orchestrating a coup.

Hüseyin Demir