Protesters everywhere: 'Mubarak must go'

Rallies in sympathy with the Egypt protests have taken place across Europe, Latin America and Asia

Protesters everywhere: 'Mubarak must go'

Protesters in Tokyo, London and Paris rallied on Friday in support of hundreds of thousands of Egyptian demonstrators demanding an immediate end to President Hosni Mubarak's three-decade rule.

On the 11th day of unprecedented mass protests in Egypt, 200,000 people rallied in Cairo on Friday following demonstrations and bloody clashes with Mubarak supporters.

Smaller rallies in sympathy with the Egypt protests have taken place across Europe, including in London, Paris, Berlin and Madrid. In London and Madrid, protesters planned further demonstrations over the weekend.

"Mubarak must go", chanted some 250 protesters outside the Egyptian embassy in London.

Protesters in London also plan to hand a petition to the prime minister's residence on Sunday, calling for the British government to push for Mubarak's resignation and an interim government until fresh elections are held.

"How can Mubarak usher the transition to democracy? He has fought tooth and nail against democracy," said Chris Nineham, of the Stop the War Coalition, a British anti-war campaign group which is organising another protest on Saturday.

In Paris, the Reporters Without Borders pressure group demonstrated in front of the Egyptian embassy against attacks on journalists in Egypt by assailants described as plain clothes police or government-hired thugs by human rights groups.

The protesters tried to put posters with pictures of journalists detained in Egypt, with the words "News is killed here", on the embassy facade before police intervened.

The group said in a statement there was an "all-out witch-hunt against news media" and accused Mubarak's supporters of a "systematic and concerted" campaign against journalists.

"The highest level of the Egyptian government must be held responsible for this policy of physical attacks," the group's secretary-general Jean-Francois Julliard said in the statement.


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