Qaradawi calls for boycotting referendum in Egypt

Al-Qaradawi asserted that participation in the referendum was tantamount to "collaborating" with Egypt's military-backed authorities "in evil and aggression."

Qaradawi calls for boycotting referendum in Egypt

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Prominent Egyptian Islamic scholar Sheikh Youssef al-Qaradawi has called on Egyptians to boycott a looming referendum on an amended version of Egypt's 2012 constitution, deeming participation in the upcoming poll "religiously impressible."

In a statement, al-Qaradawi asserted that participation in the referendum, slated for January 14 and 15, was tantamount to "collaborating" with Egypt's military-backed authorities "in evil and aggression."

Al-Qaradawi, the Qatar-based head of the high-profile International Union of Muslim Scholars, has repeatedly criticized the Egyptian military's ouster of president Mohamed Morsi, frequently criticizing Egypt's new military-backed rulers.

The army overthrew Morsi on July 3 following mass protests against his presidency. It also suspended the constitution and installed Adly Mansour, head of Egypt's constitutional court, as interim president in line with an army-imposed transitional roadmap.

Slamming the amended constitution as "invalid," al-Qaradawi said the draft charter aimed to strengthen Egypt's "military authorities."

Al-Qaradawi's assertions come one day before Egyptian expatriates living abroad will begin casting ballots at Egypt's embassies and consulates around the world.

The pro-Morsi National Alliance for the Defense of Legitimacy, for its part, announced earlier that it would stage sit-ins outside Egyptian diplomatic missions to register its rejection of the draft constitution.

Morsi is due to appear in court on Wednesday for the second session of an ongoing trial in which he faces charges of inciting the murder of demonstrators outside a Cairo presidential palace in late 2012.

Fourteen other Muslim Brotherhood leaders and ex-presidency officials are also accused with the ousted president in the same case. All of them insist the charges against them are politically motivated.

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Dr. Waleed N. Akleh, BA, JD, LLM
Dr. Waleed N. Akleh, BA, JD, LLM - 8 yıl Önce

It is crucial to point out that Al-Qaradawi is neither a politician nor international legal expert under any circumstance. Now, on the eve of a civil war in Egypt, Al-Qaradawi is interfering in Egypt’s internal affairs by fueling and expediting such war by calling on Egyptians to boycott the upcoming referendum on the amended version of Egypt's Constitution. Yahoo News, as one of America’s mainstream media puppets, has been publicizing Al-Qaradawi’s speech every view hours as if he was the “Pope” of Islam, ignoring the fact that Al-Qaradawi is anti-American all the way and in all aspects, not that I am defending America’s imperialistic foreign policy! In conclusion, Al-Qaradawi’s Fatwa is not a religious one but a military Jihadi call for revolt and destruction, and Yahoo is helping him convey such criminal Jihadi orders to his fellow Muslim Brothers in Egypt.