Rouhani a beacon of hope for Mid-East

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani's intention to initiate dialogue with the West was declared at the UN general assembly on Tuesday.

Rouhani a beacon of hope for Mid-East

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On Tuesday, Hassan Rouhani, the president of Iran, spoke at the UN general assembly. He made an open call to the world to embrace dialogue. Meanwhile, events in the Middle East and North Africa are continuing to make headlines around the world.

Iran's nuclear program is without a doubt at the heart of many ongoing debates regarding the future of the Middle East. Despite the intensification of tensions under the previous Iranian administration, Iran’s new president Hassan Rouhani has promised the ease the situation through dialogue. This fresh attitude, it seems, could not have come at a better time.

However, talk of dialogue brings flashbacks to the last failed attempt to initiate negotiations over a decade ago. These talks collapsed after the US decided to invade Iraq on the false suspicion that it was developing nuclear weapons.

According to former Iran president Mohammed Khatami, there are also some parties who are worried about the easing of tensions between Iran and the West, namely Israel. After all, good relations between Iran and the West will sweep the carpet from under Israel’s feet, in that it may lose its strategic significance as a satellite state set up to secure Western interests in the region, to the expense of hostile elements like Iran.

President Rouhani was elected by a society seeking reform, with many of his voters rising above partisan factionalism, in order to address the political challenges and domestic demands of the nation, which has had the very core of its economic infrastructure crippled by international sanctions. Writing in The Guardian, Mohammed Khatami also stated that ‘a peace-seeking Iran can contribute as a willing partner not only to solving its own differences with the global powers, but also to overcoming some of the region's chronic political disputes’.

He also added, ‘The Iranian people's vote for Rouhani and his agenda for change has provided an unrivalled and possibly unrepeatable opportunity for Iran, the west and all local and regional powers. With a foreign policy based on dialogue and diplomacy at the heart of the Middle East, we can imagine a better world for the east and the west.’

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