Rouhani: Israel angry with new US-Iran relationship

Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani has said that Israel is ‘upset and angry’ with an emerging new alliance between Iran and the US, as the two historic rivals begin to solve their differences through dialogue.

Rouhani: Israel angry with new US-Iran relationship

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As the US and Iran begin a new phase of dialogue to solve their differences over Iran’s nuclear program, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been showing his disgust at the new friendly relationship between Iran President Hassan Rouhani and US President Barack Obama.

While Netanyahu is telling the west and the UN not to trust Iran too quickly, Rouhani has said "We don't expect anything else from the Zionist regime.’’ He also said that Israel is "upset and angry because it sees that its blunted sword is being replaced with logic as the governing force in the world, and because the Iranian nation's message of peace is being heard better,"

Israel has said that if need be it is willing to fight Iran alone in order to prevent them from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Negotiations between Iran and the west are set to begin at the Geneva conference in mid-October. 

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bobby - 9 yıl Önce

lets ask israel this, when you helped the oust of the shah , didnt you think that it may hurt you in the long run , ooooo no at that time the shah was getting too strong for the region and west including israel didnt like it , well here you go , now you do have a strong iran except the only friend that was protective of you has left and you have to deal with ...well another kind of friends ...

Dean Patterson
Dean Patterson - 9 yıl Önce

Israel is the problem! Israel did 911 and they along with Frank Lowy are behind Kenya! The Mossad will do a false or real terror act soon on the US! The Jewish Hollywood will help them like they did in 911! Parasites! The US had always treated the Jews well but U turn your back on the United States for the psychopaths in Israel! How do U condone Israels actions?