Rouhani takes office as president on August 3

Iran's newly elected President Rowhani will take office on Saturday.

Rouhani takes office as president on August 3
World Bulletin / News Desk

Iran's newly elected 11th President Hassan Rouhani will take office on Saturday after swearing-in ceremony. 

Iran's Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar will launch a report on how the 11th presidential election was held, at the swearing-in ceremony to be attended by Iran's leader of the Islamic revolution, Ayetollah Khamanei, high level authorities and soldiers, members of the judiciary and ambassadors of world states in Iran. 

After Khamanei approves Rouhani's presidency, Rowhani will present his political, economic, cultural and social polices. 

A swearing-in ceremony will also be held in parliament on August 4, one day after Rouhani’s endorsement ceremony by Khamenei.  Heads and foreign ministers of the world states will participate in the swearing-in ceremony for the first time since Iranian revolution.

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