S. Arabia: all options open for Yemen defence

Saudi Arabia has said that all options were open including land operations on the border to halt mortar attacks from the Yemen Houthi.

S. Arabia: all options open for Yemen defence

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Saudi Arabia said all options were open including ground operations to stop mortar attacks on its border towns by Yemen's Houthi,  as its jets hammered the group's positions ahead of U.S.-led talks on a temporary truce.

A second night on Wednesday of raids aimed at suppressing further Houthi shelling struck the group'sstronghold of Saada, near Yemen's Saudi border, and the small port of Maidi.

"It is possible to repeat the same number of sorties, a land operation is possible, all options are open to prevent these practices of the militias," military spokesman Brigadier General Ahmed Asseri told TV channel al-Arabiya late on Wednesday.

On Thursday, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry began negotiations in Riyadh to pause the campaign of airstrikes launched by a Saudi-led coalition on March 26 to allow aid for Yemenis desperate for food, water and medicine.

In the interview, Asseri did not say whether Saudi Arabia would consider the Yemeni government's request for international troops to relieve the southern city of Aden, where the Houthis took the vital Tawahi district in heavy fighting on Wednesday.

On Thursday, the Houthi-linked Al-Masirah television channel showed the group's fighters in the district and reported that Aden's presidential palace was in their hands.

In a letter addressed to United Nations, the Houthis also called for international action to stop what they described as Saudi aggression and crimes against the Yemeni people.

Earlier, the group said it had shelled a Saudi air defence facility north of Najran after sending mortars and rockets into the city on Tuesday and Wednesday, killing eight people. Another two Saudis were killed by Houthi shells hitting a village in Jizan province.

The Arab coalition has been wary of putting boots onto the ground in Yemen, keenly aware of the difficulties of tackling a well entrenched guerrilla army in its own mountainous terrain.

A Saudi Apache was damaged in an emergency landing near the border on Thursday, a Gulf official said. He added that the pilots were safe and denied an earlier report by al-Masirah that the aircraft had been shot down by the Houthis.



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