S. Arabia, Kuwait prohibit Egyptians from protesting coup

Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have prohibited Egyptians from protesting the coup in Egypt, while Kuwait deported Egyptian workers protesting in front of Egypt's embassy

S. Arabia, Kuwait prohibit Egyptians from protesting coup

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Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, which have expressed support for the military coup in Egypt, have allegedly prohibited Egyptian workers employed in their countries from protesting the Egyptian coup in front of Egyptian embassies.

Izzettin Abdullah Nasser, an Egyptian worker living in the city of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, told AA correspondent that Egyptians wanting to protest the military coup and massacres in Egypt have applied to the relevant Saudi authorities for permission, but were prohibited by police forces which threatened them with deportation.

Explaining that 1.5 million Egyptians live in Saudi Arabia and thousands of people desired to protest against the massacre in Egypt, Nasser said, "the Saudi police conveyed that we are not allowed to protest, and threatened to deport us in the case of our doing so.”

The Saudi Arabia police have increased security measures against the possibility of protests around Egypt's embassy, consulates and other offices in the country.

Meanwhile, police in Kuwait detained 35 Egyptians protesting the Egyptian coup in front of the Egyptian and US embassies in the country, deporting 9 of the Egyptian nationals.

According to information received from sources at Egypt's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kuwait decided to deport 9 people who organized protests in front of the embassies.

It has been put forward that the persons who were deported did not want to be sent to Egypt out of fear of arrest.

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Icansee4miles - 8 yıl Önce

From my extensive travels in the Arabian Gulf, I can tell you that the U.S. government's intentions are distrusted to an extent not seen in many years. Saudi Arabia has every right to defend itself; and what is not being said is the close alliance between the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran. Iran's plan is to complete their nuke, to point it at the Arabian Gulf which has 60% of the global oil production, and to blackmail the world. Read Kindle's new thriller The Bahrain Protocol to see the surprising alliance that will take on Iran; and it doesn't include the United States