Saudi scholars condemn Egypt's military coup

"It is certainly a military coup which ousted President Mohamed Morsi", scholars said.

Saudi scholars condemn Egypt's military coup
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A group of 56 Saudi Arabian scholars manifested their condemnation in Egypt's military coup, which took place on July 3.

"It is certainly a military coup which ousted President Mohamed Morsi," said the scholars including professors and lawyers, adding "Overthrowing an elected president in illegal ways and ignoring the will of the people is forbidden by religion and law."

The plot for the military coup had been planned since Morsi was elected president, said the scholars in their manifesto.

Countries including Suudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates were condemned for their support in junta while pro-junta political parties and non-governmental organisations were called to rethink their approach to the event.

"The military coup was not carried out with the aim of reforming systems, but preventing the freedom of Egypt as well as eliminating the Islamic and independent ideologies," scholars said.

Scholars stated that they fully support the pro-democracy and anti-junta protests and suggested solving the problem via dialogue.

Western countries support the despots

The scholars also criticised in their manifesto the western countries saying, "If it is the Muslim countries being talked about, then the western countries either ignore the oppressive and violent practises of the regimes or support them." Their remaining silent in Egypt and Syria crisis is a clear indicator of that fact, scholars said.

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