Security in Jarablus under Turkey-trained police

People of Jarablus are pleased with the results as the situation continues to improve with every passing day

Security in Jarablus under Turkey-trained police

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The new Syrian police force trained and equipped by Turkey, which was deployed on January 24 in Jarablus, is working 24-hour shifts in order to ensure stability and security in the border-city. Turkey helped drive out ISIL extremists from the city in recent months, under the context of the continuing Euphrates Shield Operation.

'450 on-duty police officers'

Trained in counter-extremism and traffic management, the new police force, made up of 450 on-duty officers, strives to provide peace and security in Jarablus' central districts. They're tasked with managing traffic, stopping suspicious vehicles, detaining suspects, conducting search missions, and guarding vital buildings in the city, such as the hospital and the City Council. The police force also protects against theft, brawls and other public services traditionally entrusted to the police.

“Our mission is to maintain security and preserve property and to serve civilians in the areas liberated from ISIL," police force head General Abd al-Razaq Aslan al-Laz says.

'The situation is better with every passing day'

Al-Laz emphasized that the 450-strong police force deployed in the city, which received diverse training covering various professional and procedural occupations in Turkey, strives to improve liveability in the city of Jarablus with every passing day.

The people of Jarablus are pleased with the new system, reports al-Laz, “The situation will continue to improve every day. We're deploying our squads to address people's needs. God willing, each day will be better than the last in Jarablus," he continued.


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