Shocking food scandal in Egypt

The Head of Egyptian Food Safety Authority Hussein Mansour encourages the citizens to eat dog and donkey meat

Shocking food scandal in Egypt

World Bulletin / News Desk  

Egypt continues to put signature to new scandals successively. Egypt's top food safety official has announced that eating donkey meat is perfectly safe..

The statement is the latest twist in an ongoing food scandal in Egypt, as fears grow that donkey meat has been passed off as beef to unsuspecting shoppers.

Head of the Egyptian Food Safety Authority Hussein Mansour told an Egyptian TV channel that donkey meat was exactly the same as any other meat.  

The official attempted to downplay public fears, saying the beast of burden - as well as dog meat - had long been eaten by blissfully unaware Egyptians.

The official try to show this insolent treatment is unimportant. He added if you've eaten donkey by mistake, have no fears, nothing will happen.

Local news reported last week that Egyptian police raided a farm in Fayoum, which was found to be raising donkeys for human consumption. A drove of 1,500 live and 30 slaughtered donkeys were reportedly seized from the farm, according to Al Araby news.

The owner of the donkey farm, reportedly still in police custody, claims the animals were being raised to feed lions in circuses around Cairo.

"The donkeys were being slaughtered to feed the National Circus' big cats," claimed a lion-tamer. "They were only slaughtering old donkeys and ones with broken legs," he told Youm7.

Under most interpretations of Islamic dietary laws, the meat of domesticated donkeys is forbidden for consumption - but the flesh of their wild cousin, the onager, is allowed.

Egypt's Dar al-Iftaa has previously ruled that slaughtering donkeys for human consumption is an "abominable" act.

The eating of unusual meats and foodstuffs comes into consideration as a national debate swirls around rising food prices amid government cuts to fuel and farming subsidies.



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