Sisi supporters may face split ahead of presidential race

As the presidential bid sees another candidate, the army chief Sisi may face division among his supporters.

Sisi supporters may face split ahead of presidential race
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The coalition backing the presidential bid of Egyptian army chief Abdal Fattah el-Sisi is facing a possible split as several groups are now supporting another candidate; the left-wing politician Hamdeen Sabahi.
As yet, Sisi has not announced his candidacy but it is widely expected that he will do so shortly. 

Hamdeen Sabahi, who has already declared his presidential bid on Sunday, has support from the '30 June front' - a broad organization of political groups which supported the coup against former President Mohamed Morsi in 2013. 

Sabahi, the leader of the People's Movement Organization in Egypt, is widely seen as 'Nasserist' referring to Gamal Abdel Nasser - Egypt's second president who ran leftist and nationalist policies.   

The Tamarod movement, the grassroots organization which was established by activists against former president Morsi, declared that they would bolster Sisi. But three of its founders said they would back Sabahi, which has raised questions over the unity of the group.

There is a division among the liberal and left-wing parties, as the main opposition party during the Morsi administration, National Salvation Front refrained to state their clear support while several parties affiliated within the front told they would side with Sisi's in the upcoming elections. 

One of the prominent members of the anti-coup alliance and the general secretary of the Independence party, Magdi Kurkur said the presidential elections would be the beginning of the collapse among the '30 June Front' and the real fall would come ahead of the parliamentary elections as the fight for seats heats up among the different groups which make up the front. 

The presidential elections are planned to take place before the parliamentary elections according to the roadmap that has been set with the constitutional referendum last month.  

A prominent lawyer and a strong opponent in the Hosni Mobarak and Morsi eras said the latest cracks which occurred within the Sisi supporters would work for the anti-coup parties who ousted Egypt's first democratically elected president.

In his visit to Russia on Thursday, Russian president Vladimir Putin wished Sisi luck in his presidency bid.
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