SNC Turkey representative refutes claims of Le Figaro

Syrian National Coalition Turkey representative Hodja said that claims of US and Israeli operations in Syria were illogical and a show of "cheap heroism"

SNC Turkey representative refutes claims of Le Figaro

World Bulletin/News Desk

Khalid Hodja, Turkey representative of Syrian National Coalition for Opposition and Revolutionary Forces (SMDK), defined news of operations staged by US and Israel soldiers in Syria as "intentional."

Hodja said Le Figaro's claims that "Assad stalemated and used chemical weapons due to the operations staged against the regime by the US and Israel in mid August" were propound to raise suspicion of advances by the opposition. 

"Le Figaro newspaper located in Paris claims US and Israeli forces are in Damascus. The news report says the US and Israel formed special groups made up of volunteers to prevent Syrian radical groups from having control over sophisticated weapons. This claim has no logical consistency. The mentioned areas are under the control of the Free Syrian Army, Syrian Islamic Front and Syrian Islamic Liberation Front. Such operations claimed by the newspaper are out of the question," Hodja said.

Accusing the west of a "show of cheap heroism," Hodja said, "these claims aim to spread the idea that the west is the savior of Syrian people. If the west was sincere, it would allow the arming of the opposition."

Hodja also added that the Syrian opposition would not cooperate with Israel on any issue.

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