Syria rebels detain UN Golan troops

UN helps Syrian regime so territory under the control of Syrian opposition at Golan is returned to Assad, says spokesperson for Jermuk Union.

Syria rebels detain UN Golan troops

World Bulletin / News Desk

Syrian opposition forces on Wednesday argued that the detained United Nations (UN) peace force troops at the Golan Heights in Syria close to the Israeli border helped the Assad regime.

In an exclusive interview with the Anadolu Agency (AA), the Spokesperson for the Jermuk Union, operating as part of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), Muhammad al-Faleh said that "the UN's mission at the Golan Heights was to prevent possible clashes between the Syrian forces and Israeli forces."

"However, UN forces helped Assad troops and wanted to facilitate the return of Assad forces back to the Jemle village currently under the control of the FSA," al-Faley underlined.

The UN and Assad regime worked together to take the FSA units out of the village for Israel's security, argued al-Faley.

Troops loyal to the (Assad) regime have been trying to enter the Jemle village for the past six days but have failed to do so, al-Faley said.

"While we were talking with the UN forces, sharp shooters of the Syrian regime opened fire on us," al-Faley underlined.

Once the regime forces withdraw from the region, we will let go the UN troops currently detained by us, al-Faley stressed.

UN peace force troops were detained by 30 Syrian opposition troops at the Golan Heights on Wednesday. The UN Security Council condemned the incident and wanted the immediate release of the UN peace force troops.


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