Syria to Gaza: Death to death awaits refugees

Palestinians who sought refuge in Gaza after years of difficulty in Syria, say that their lives are far more difficult in Gaza, than Syria.

Syria to Gaza: Death to death awaits refugees

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Palestinians who sought refuge in Syria, and who ultimately returned to Gaza are having a difficult time as a result of Israel's recent attacks and blockades.

Iman el-Havrani left two years ago with her family and is having an incredibly difficult time. Expecting twins, and her husband being a security guard at a government hospital, says that she has not received her salary for five months, and that the rent for their home has been unpaid and are forced to look for another property.

Getting by on welfare and handouts from charity organisations Havrani said that they are expecting a far more difficult time. “we know what pain tastes like. We survived two Israel attacks in 2012 and 2014. In the last attack my brother Abdullah was martyred. We ran from death to death”. Havrani has accused the Department of Social Welfare and the UNRWA from failing to protect them. Escaping the war to Gaza with her family, another Gaza citizen Abdullah el-Biltaci said that while working as a civil engineer in Syria, he said he was working as a labourer in Gaza, saying that, “They made problems with my diploma”.

After the war began, fearing for his childrens lives, Biltaci said that they were told that Palestinians living standards were better in Gaza, “But once we arrived we were faced with a different situation. I had done my masters, and now I someone who is looking for work, carrying bricks. My diploma became a problem here. Those who provide employment didnt want someone who was more educated than them”.

Staying in a home provided by other good samaritans, Biltaci said that their first home was bombed, and during the attacks, a shrapnel had hit him and he was now seeking medical treatment at hospital however didn't have the money to get to the hospital.

With those from Syria seeking refuge in Gaza, the Palestinan Situation Control Committee Chairman Atif el-Ammavi said that they faced serious problems and that the Employment Department couldn't provide their unemployment benefits for five months.

In the most recent attacks, Ammawi stated that 60 families who arrived from Syria were severely disadvantaged and that 12 of their homes had been completely destroyed.

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