Syrian army ousts rebels near Aleppo

According to Al Mayadeen TV channel, Hanasir was one of main rebel strongholds near Aleppo

Syrian army ousts rebels near Aleppo

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Syrian government forces have ousted rebels, including ISIL militants from the settlement of Hanasir to the south-east of Aleppo, Al Mayadeen TV channel said on Thursday.

According to Al Mayadeen, Hanasir was one of main strongholds on the way to Aleppo.

Military expert and Former Brigadier General of the Lebanese Army Amin Hoteit told TASS earlier this month that the start of Russia’s military operation in Syria had become a turning point in the armed conflict in the country.

According to Hoteit, Russia’s "military factor" dampened the actions of militants both near and far from frontlines. This allowed to decrease "the rate of supplying weapons, ammunition and people [to militants] through the border [with Turkey] by 60-70%," he added.

 In Aleppo province the army took back several key areas in fierce battles fought along the strategic Khanaser highway.

Meanwhile, the Syrian army and its popular allies launched a new phase of a large-scale operation to drive back rebel groups from the main government forces’ main supply line from Hama to Aleppo, according to Fars news.


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