Syrian forces barters electricity for food

Syrian regime forces controlling power station strikes deal with opposition to provide electricity in exchange of food in Tell Rifaat.

Syrian forces barters electricity for food

Deputy Mayor of Tell Rifaat district of Aleppo Eymen el-Sheikh has said the Syrian regime forces controlling the electric power station in Tell Rifaat had come to the point of bartering electricity with food with the Free Syrian Army.

Regime forces in control of the power source of the district agreed to exchange electricity for food with members of the Free Syrian Army, told Sheikh to Anadolu Agency.

"Although not formal, this is the first agreement between the opposition and the regime," he noted.

Stating that the Assad forces cut power of the town following taking control of the station, Sheikh said, "We have hedged round the Assad forces and cut their connection to receive food. We have forced Assad forces running out of food supplies to reach an agreement with us."

Sheikh added that they were also successful in not only providing electricity for the town but also establishing an oil refinery producing 120 tonnes of oil daily and keeping control of the grain center.

Also complaining about the insufficiency of the support, Sheikh stated they would find flour to make food for some time but afterwards they didn't know what awaited them.

"Even if we starve, we will not surrender," he added.


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