Syrian Kurdish town 'could face massacre' by ISIL

ISIL could repeat August's Sinjar massacre in which more than 20,000 Yazidis were killed, warned Syrian Kurdish leader Salih Muslim.

Syrian Kurdish town 'could face massacre' by ISIL

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ISIL could carry out a massacre in the Syrian city of Kobani within hours, Syrian Democratic Union Party (PYD) Co-Chairman Salih Muslim has warned.

In a press conference on Wednesday at the European Parliament (EP) in Brussels, Muslim said that ISIL militants were just one kilometer away from Kobani and a massacre - similar to that which ISIL carried out in the Sinjar region of Syria last month in which more than 20,000 Yazidis are believed to have died - could take place within hours.

Muslim said that forces of the YPG – the armed wing of the PYD - could defend Kobani, but had insufficient weapons while the ISIL had long-range missiles, American Abran tanks and Humvee armored vehicles which they had confiscated during their incursion into Mosul.

He said U.S air raids on ISIL had come too late and were insufficient to save Kobani, said Muslim.

Meanwhile, the European Parliament Anti-terrorism Coordinator, Gilles De Kerchove, said that more than 3,000 foreign nationals had gone to Syria and Iraq from European countries to join ISIL and other groups.

Speaking to the EP Security and Defence Sub-committee, De Kerchove said: “We have seen foreign fighters before, however, the number was never this high."

Kobani resisting ISIL

Anwar Muslim, a member of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party executive board, said: “We have been fighting ISIL for about six months. Some are saying that they have entered Kobani, but this is not true.”

Muslim accused the militants of cutting off electricity and water supplies and refusing to let humanitarian aid into the city, also known as Ayn al-Arab.

“ISIL is against humanity, they fight against Alevi and Sunnis, Kurds and Christians,” he said.

“Many people have left their villages, running away from ISIL. The youth took their families to Turkey and came back to fight against the terrorist organization.”

Though many have fled villages in ISIL’s path, the residents of Kobani and neighboring villages have stayed on to fight the militants, Muslim said.

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