Syrian Kurds seek to export oil via Turkey

Syrian Kurdish PYD party leader Asya Abdullah said that Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan) was seeking good relations with Turkey.

Syrian Kurds seek to export oil via Turkey

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Following the declaration of autonomous independence of three Kurdish regions in northern Syria, it has been announced that the Syrian Kurds are preparing to export their oil via Turkey.

Asya Abdullah, one of the leaders of the Syrian Kurdish PYD party, has been reported to have have said that the PYD was in talks with Turkey's Foreign Ministry to discuss the export of oil, according to the daily Milliyet.

Although Abdullah said that the meetings between PYD chief Salih Muslim and Turkey regarding the issue are currently on hold, he reportedly said 'The more meetings there are the better. We see this as important for the future of Syria,' adding that they wanted to continue the dialogue process with Turkey.

Denying that the Syrian Kurds were after full independence, Abdullah added that two of the first three people in the first canton to declare autonomy, Cizire, were non-Kurds - with one being an Arab and the other being a Syriac.

Speaking to BBC Turkish, Abdullah also said that Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan) was seeking Turkey's support, reassuring that Rojava is not and would not be an opposing power to Turkey.

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