Syrian Kurds should participate in Geneva independently, Russia says

Russia defended that Syrian Kurds should participate in the Geneva conference as an independent group.

Syrian Kurds should participate in Geneva independently, Russia says

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Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that Syrian Kurds and Kurdish groups led by the PYD must join the conference scheduled in Geneva regarding the Syrian crisis.

A written statement noted that the Kurds wanting to attend the conference as a separate group should not be treated as a source of discord, but rather as a manifestation of their deire tol ive together in a unified country. It claimed that Russia understands this want of Syria's Kurds.

Russia’s statement on the Geneva conference caught attention due to its publication at a time in which efforts for the cessation of the conflict in Syria are ongoing in the international arena.

Over the past week, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had many telephone conversations with U.S. counterpart John Kerry regarding the conference to take place in Geneva.

On the other hand, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the alleged attacks by the Al Nusra Front on Syria’s Kurds increase the importance of the second Geneva conference.

Lavrov stated that the official Syrian government has agreed to send a delegation to the conference without preconditions.

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