Syrian opp. and Nusra Front form new coalition

Military representative of the Syrian opposition inside Syria announces union with Nusra Front in southern Syria

Syrian opp. and Nusra Front form new coalition

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The Military Council of the Free Syrian Army in Damascus, the main military representative of the Syrian opposition inside Syria, announced in a video the formation of the Fateh Army in the southern Syria, comprising of prominent Syrian opposition groups and  Nusra Front, according to TRT World News 

Other groups such as the Fateh al-Sham Coalition, the Ihyaa al- Jihad Brigade, the Mujhedi Nawa Gathering, the Osoud al-Tawhid Brigade, the Ansar al-Haqq Brigade and the Islamic Brigade of al-Omarein also joined the coalition.

Dr. Husam Abu Hamza has been chosen as the head of the coalition, according to the opposition-run

Sources told the Orient that the southern Fateh Army’s target is the Assad regime and its allies, and the coalition will not attack other Syrian opposition groups in Syria as other opposition groups are expected to join the alliance.

“This army is going to be as spearhead in repelling the oppressive enemy, helping the weak and releasing the female and male detainees from the jails of criminal tyrants. We call upon all the free and faithful mujahideen to join their brothers,” a member of the new coalition was shown saying in the group’s video which was posted on social media.

The southern Fateh Army is considered to be one of the biggest assemblies of the Free Syrian Army in the country, and places the union of opposition groups as a priority, according to the statement.

“Syria needs the unify of the mujahideen ranks very much because our country has experienced internal and external challenges that the people of al- Sham have no ability to bear this burden due to the conflict and disunion. Therefore, the faithful mujahedeen must to do their best to unify their ranks,” the group said.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 22 Haziran 2015, 15:15