Syrian opp. declares ISIL 'capital' military zone

Raqqa Revolutionaries' commander gives those helping ISIL five days to quit terror group

Syrian opp. declares ISIL 'capital' military zone

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Raqqa city in northern Syria – often dubbed ISIL’s ‘capital’ – has been declared a military zone by opposition groups in an attempt to rescue it from the terrorist group, according to one Syrian opposition commander.

A statement by Abu Issa -- leader of the Raqqa Revolutionaries' Brigade -- came on Thursday in a video broadcast on the brigade's official YouTube account.

Abu Issa called on the people of Raqqa to help them in “rescuing” the city, warning them to move away from ISIL positions.

The commander also gave five days to those helping ISIL to quit the terrorist group.

The Raqqa Revolutionaries' Brigade has been actively participating in the fight against ISIL, seizing control of the Syrian-Kurdish town of Kobani (Ayn al-Arab) in January 2015 and Tal Abyad, Suluk and Ayn Issa during an operation in May.

Raqqa is among the Syrian cities which have recently come under Russian military bombardment.

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