Syrian opposition demands no-fly zone, safe haven

Head of Syrian National Coalition Jabra said UN team, despite being very close, not arrived in massacre region yet, and demanded no-fly zone, safe havens for civilians.

Syrian opposition demands no-fly zone, safe haven

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Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu organized a press conference with Head of National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces (NCSROF) Ahmet Jabra in Istanbul.

 "UN team should arrive in the region (Syria, where chemical attacks were carried out) before the evidences are annihilated," said Davutoglu, defining the massacre as "biggest humanity crime".

Jabra said, "The most important reason behind the barbarian attack is silence of international community, especially the West."

Stating that Assad forces attacked the opposition even during the peaceful protests, Jabra underlined Assad forces killed Syrians with scud and ballistic missiles, during which international community kept silent.

Jabra added, "It is not the first time that Assad used chemical weapons. Because the world kept silent, this time it used in wider scope."

"Your silence is killing us with chemicals", said Jabra adressing the international community.

Jabra highlighted, "Despite being very close to the site of massacres, the UN team still didn't go there and start the probe."

Jabra emphasized that they demanded no-fly zone and safe havens for the civilians.

"We are sure that the Assad regime used chemical weapons for 100 percent."

Davutoglu: Syrian opposition not preventing chemical probe

Finally Davutoglu said he wanted to clear up the claims that the opposition was preventing the UN team from investigating the chemical claims.

Davutoglu said Jabra once again wanted to repeat Syrian opposition's demand for UN probe.

"As Turkey we want absolute and broadest access of UN team to the region and reveal the realities. Therefore we support NCSROF's declaration."

Turkish FM Davutoglu said, regarding the recent incidents in Syria, "UN team should arrive in the region before the evidences are annihilated."



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