Syrian opposition fighters retreat from Homs

Syrian opposition fighters are retreating from parts of Homs as a ceasefire kicks-in with the regime.

Syrian opposition fighters retreat from Homs

World Bulletin / News Desk

Syrian opposition fighters in the country's third major city Homs have agreed to retreat from all but one of the city's districts as part of a ceasefire deal with Bashar al-Assad's regime forces.

1,000 or so fighters will remain in the Old City district while the rest pull-back, after six months of heavy shelling and blockades by the resurgent regime left rebels on the brink of starvation.

The ceasefire, which kick-in this weekend, is designed to allow opposition fighters who wish to pull-out of the battle a safew paasage to do so, but the regime has failed to stick to previous agreements.

Opposition forces have been on the backfoot in Homs in recent months, as it is said that Hezbollah fighters from nearby Lebanon have joined in on the fighting on the side of the regime.

While the Syrian regime continue to secure for themselves the areas surrounding the Lebanese border, rebels grow stronger in the Aleppo regime close to the Turkish border.

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