Syrian opposition requests assurance againt Assad

During their meeting in Madrid, the Syrian opposition requested the assurance of the international community that Assad would have no role in the transitional period.

Syrian opposition requests assurance againt Assad

World Bulletin/News Desk

A group of 80 people titled the ''Syrian National Consultation Meeting” met in Madrid for talks.

After the meeting, a member of the Syrian opposition Muhammad Yaqubi read the 5 points in the opposition’s “Madrid Declaration.” One article expressed “Bashar al-Assad is to have no role in the decisions taken regarding Syria’s transition period or the future of the country,” and the “international community must ensure that.”

The Declaration indicated what must be done at once in Syria, including the immediate withdrawal of the regime's army, the release of detainees, the delivery of humanitarian aid to the region and border regions, and ensuring the return of refugees.

A “Wise Persons Council” will be established in preparation for the post-Assad period. The committee will consist of all groups within Syrian society with the right of representation, and will be part of the transitional government. 

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