Syrian opposition to declare Geneva 2 decision

The main umbrella opposition group said it will decide Saturday whether to participate in the upcoming international peace conference in Montreux.

Syrian opposition to declare Geneva 2 decision

World Bulletin / News Desk

Spokesperson of Syrian National Coalition for Opposition and Revolutionary Forces (SNC) Luey as-Safi has said Syria's main umbrella opposition group was set to take a decision on Saturday whether to participate in the so-called "Geneva II" meeting, an international peace conference on the Syrian conflict scheduled for January 22 in Montreux, Switzerland.

Speaking in a press conference in Istanbul, as-Safi said talks were under way with the coalition members that had withdrawn from, adding that the final decision on attend the peace conference would be made after taking the opinions of all sections of Syrian opposition.

A letter indicating SNC’s conditions for attending the Geneva II conference was sent to the United Nations Secretary General Ban-ki Moon, said as-Safi. He said the letter called for the safe passage of humanitarian aid convoys to Eastern Ghouta and Homs regions.

As-Safi said the coalition demanded removal of the blockade on capital Damascus and nearby districts, and halt of regime bombings as well as swap of regime troops opposition had captured with women, children and elderly.

The coalition also called for an end to the Syrian regime's "barrel bomb" attacks, and urged Russia to utilize its influence on the Assad administration to stop attacks targeting civilians.

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