Syrian rebel 'hell cannons' kill Assad soldiers, civilians

Ten Syrian soldiers killed in attack near Aleppo, local Syrian activist told The Anadolu Agency.

Syrian rebel 'hell cannons' kill Assad soldiers, civilians
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Ten Syrian soldiers were killed in an attack by the Islamic Front Thursday near Aleppo, a local Syrian activist told The Anadolu Agency.

“The Islamic Front launched an attack against Assad forces using mortar projectiles,” Yassir Ahmed said. “We learned about the casualties by tracking the regime’s wireless phone calls."

The Islamic Front, a merger of seven rebel groups, used gas pipes to carry out the attack in Al-Borej area.

Syrian rebels using improvised mortar bombs made of cooking gas canisters killed 311 civilians between July and December this year, a monitoring group said on Friday, condemning the use of the wildly inaccurate weapons.

Two-thirds of the deaths, or 203 people, were in the northern city of Aleppo where the so-called "hell cannons" have been fired on government-held districts of Syria's second city.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which tracks the violence using sources on both sides, said that 42 children and 25 women were among the dead in Aleppo. It said more than 700 people had also been wounded during that time.

Syria's official news agency SANA said on Thursday that "terrorists" fired 11 of the improvised bombs in the southern city of Deraa, wounding several civilians.

The canisters are packed with explosives, fitted with a guide fin and fired by large cannons.

Meanwhile, U.S.-led coalition airstrikes killed 36 ISIL militants in Raqqa, Syria on Thursday, according to a field hospital doctor, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Fifteen ISIL militants were killed in a coalition raid that targeted Tabqa airbase, a strategic area in Raqqa, which is controlled by ISIL. 

ISIL took control of Tabqa in August after major clashes that left hundreds of Assad regime forces dead. 

Another 21 ISIL fighters were killed at three other ISIL bases, according to eye witnesses.

Syria's war started with a pro-democracy movement that grew into an armed uprising and has inflamed regional confrontations. Some 200,000 people have died, the United Nations says.

Chemical weapons have been used, the international chemical weapon watchdog says, and the United Nations says that President Bashar al-Assad's forces have dropped improvised and indiscriminate barrel bombs on Aleppo.

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