Syrian regime blocks aid convoys to Douma, Darayya

The UN will be able to deliver aid to 15 or 16 besieged towns while 2 other places still await permission

Syrian regime blocks aid convoys to Douma, Darayya

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The Syrian regime withheld the green light from an UN aid convoy seeking to deliver humanitarian aid to Douma and Darayya, UN humanitarian advisor Jan Egeland said on Wednesday.

"We do not have permission to go six besieged areas. We got verbal assurances (from the regime) last night and this morning... Three or four of these six areas will be covered," Egeland told reporters at the UN Office in Geneva on Wednesday.

Egeland said they would be able to deliver humanitarian aid to 15 or 16 out of 18 besieged towns in Syria, while Daraya and Douma are still waiting for permission from the regime to be able to receive UN humanitarian aid. 

Saying that they had more progress getting access to other civilian populations in Syria, Egeland added that the UN aid convoy was also able to reach Hola in Homs on Tuesday night. 

"We are now up to 384,000 people reached since the beginning of the year in hard-to-reach areas and besieged areas ... that will be more than doubled next week before the end of April," Egeland said.

Pointing to new areas of great concern for delivering UN humanitarian aid, Egeland said, "Waer is part of Homs which has become inaccessible."

Güncelleme Tarihi: 23 Mart 2016, 17:12