Syrian regime kills 26 in barrel bomb attacks

Regime warplanes attack livestock bazaar in Aleppo using "vacuum bombs."

Syrian regime kills 26 in barrel bomb attacks

World Bulletin / News Desk

Six children were killed Thursday and 15 others were wounded after Syrian regime forces dropped barrel bombs on Hama. 

The regime attack on the tents of Bedouin tribes also destroyed more than 100 animals, Abu Hatem, a civil defense official, told. 

Regime warplanes also attacked a livestock bazaar in Aleppo on Thursday using "vacuum bombs," said the Syrian Revolution General Commission. 

The attack left 20 people dead, including women and children, and 35 others wounded in the city's Bab district, which is controlled by ISIS.

The regime's bomb attacks usually target civilian residential districts instead of ISIS military quarters, the Syrian Revolution General Commission said. 

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