Syrians continue to flee to north of Iraq: UN

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees reported that stream of thousands of refugees fleeing from the conflict in Syria into north of Iraq has continued since Thursday

Syrians continue to flee to north of Iraq: UN

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UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) reported that the Syrian refugees are streaming into Iraq.

Authorities at the Sahela border crossing reported that more than 5,000 Syrians have arrived and many more are headed to the border, said Claire Bourgeois, UNHCR representative in Iraq.

Referring to the fact that increase in the numbers of the refugees fleeing to Iraq, Bourgeois reminded that more than 10,000 Syrians crossed over the bridge at Peshkhabour on the Tigris River at the northern part of the Sahela region.

Stating that the vast majority of the new arrivals told they fled due to the conflicts in Aleppo, Efrin, Hassake and Qamishly, Bourgeois claimed that the number of Syrian refugees in Iraq increased to 154,000 with the last stream..

It was also stated that “UNHCR has sent 37 trucks loaded with relief items and sanitary supplies including tents, mattresses, jerry cans, tarpaulins, blankets, hygienic kits, kitchen sets, stoves, water tanks, latrines, showers and electric fans to help the new arrivals.”

In the statement it was reminded that since May 2013 till last Thursday only 700 refugees had fled to Iraq .

On the other hand, Anadolu Agency correspondent in Duhok reported that the authorities in Peshkabour gate recorded around 9,000 refugees crossing the border from Syria to north of Iraq and they were directed to the new refugee camps in Irbil and Suleimania.

Mahmud Mohammed, a Syrian refugee, stated that they fled due to famine, poverty and conflict.

On the other hand, “We afraid that we can’t easily cross the borders. If the borders remain open more people are going to flee” said Hatice Ali, another refugee

Upon the stream of refugees into north of Iraq, head of regional administration in north of Iraq Massoud Barzani said they did not recommend Kurds to leave their regions.  

Stating that the international community did not give sufficient aid to those coming from Syria, Barzani said in a statement that immigration of Syrian brothers into the north of Iraq was a sensitive issue, adding that they did not recommend Syrian Kurds to evacuate their regions.

They should remain there because their rights are on stake there, said Barzani.

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