Syria's Assad meets Jumblatt to mend ties

Hezbollah welcomes Lebanese Druze leader's meeting with Syrian President in Damascus.

Syria's Assad meets Jumblatt to mend ties

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Wednesday met Lebanon's Druze leader Walid Jumblatt in Damascus, state news agency SANA reported, reflecting the vastly improved relations between the former arch-foes.

SANA gave no further details on Wednesday's meeting, but Hezbollah welcomed the visit and the reconciliation between the two sides.

The reconciliation was being mediated by the Lebanese Hezbollah.

"This strengthens Lebanon's position in the face of Israeli aggression," given Syria's support for the resistance, Hezbollah spokesman Ibrahim Moussaoui said in Beirut.

Jumblatt has repeatedly stated his desire to "open a new page" with Damascus in recent months, and Hezbollah has played a mediating role in the rapprochement.

The Lebanese Shiite group's leader Hassan Nasrallah two weeks ago had "advised Jumblatt that given recent developments, the Syrian authorities will forget the past."

Nasrallah's comments at the time came after the Druze leader admitted he had made "inappropriate and unreasonable remarks about President Assad at a time of internal tensions and extreme division within Lebanon."

Lebanese-Syrian ties hit rock bottom after "March 14", led by Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri, accused Syria of assassinating his father in Feb. 2005.

Rapprochement between Syria and Saudi Arabia last year has also eased tension and allowed Hariri, who won a parliamentary election in June, to form a unity government that included Hezbollah and other pro-Syrian allies.


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