Syria's Christians issue complaint against PYD, YPG

Assyrian and Armenian communities issue joint statement against Kurdish forces' actions in Syria

Syria's Christians issue complaint against PYD, YPG

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Assyrian and Armenian institutions in Syria have accused Kurdish forces, the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and Peoples' Protection Units (YPG), of human rights violations, seizure of private property, forced military recruitment, unlawful taxation and interference with the church school curriculum in joint statement published Thursday.

"For more than four years our country, Syria, has been struggling with tragic events. Destruction and terrorism brought by [civil] war has caused all ethnic societies suffer. However, we as residents of Cezire have preserved the idea of living together in peace.

"A new self-governance has been established with some institutions because of extraordinary conditions for the purpose of security. However, rules of this governance have neither been properly regulated nor worked through. This is causing disturbance among some ethnic groups. While all these take place, official authority persists to do its administrative, legal, military, and financial duties," the statement said.

Christian society representatives in the region have also taken the following decisions as to "Immigrant Property Law":

- "Immigration Property Law" in question is a violation of human rights infringing the most basic right, property right.

- No one can be declared "traitor" under no conditions for merely leaving his/her house.

- Efforts to establish "Institution of Administration and Redistribution of Immigrant Property" is a property seizure under cover of aiding those in need.

- These regulations in question provide a dangerous priority to "Proprietorship Law" implemented in whole Cezire Canton. Besides, it will gradually create a Christian society centered demographic change. While seizing the properties of which 35 percent belong to Christians will cause anxiety with good reason in both those who flee and stay, it will also totally prevent the return of escapers.

- In line with the decision the Christians take, not selling their properties nor appointing representatives to the properties is totally legal in terms of both state law and international law. It is wrong to say this decision is illegal.

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