Three 'death zones' marked on Syria map

Experts and analysts have marked three places on the Syrian map where mass deaths are highly likely to occur.

Three 'death zones' marked on Syria map

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Hundreds of thousands of refugees who suffer from lack of food in the districts of Yarmouk, Douma and Muaddamiya, are in grave danger of starvation.

At least 49 Palestinians have died from starvation in the besieged Yarmouk refugee camp, just south of Damascus, while food and drug shortages claimed the lives of 11 people in Muaddamiya and 39 in Douma.

The Yarmouk Refugee Camp, which was established in 1957 for the Palestinian refugees who fled from the persecution of Israel, at one point reached a population of 600,000.

However, with the Syrian civil war, which began 2011, the Yarmouk camp became the scene of intense fighting between the rebel Free Syrian Army and Syrian government forces.

Because of the terrible humanitarian situation in the camp, people have resorted to eating weeds or shrubs in order to survive. The situation is so dire that Syrian Muslim scholars in 2013 issued a ruling stating that the besieged people could eat cats and dogs they caught from the streets.

About 100,000 people were living in Muaddamiya before the civil war. However, for more than a year, nothing has been allowed in or out of the district. As a result, the population has decreased to 10,000.

Malnutrition has also hit critical levels in Douma, north-east of the center of Damascus. In recent months, children and the elderly have been dying from the lack of food and medicine. The population of the district has fallen to 200,000 from 500,000.

Insufficient food and medicine left 39 dead including 32 infants.

Adam Biter, a Syrian activist living in Damascus, said the situation was getting unbearable for the dwellers of the districts.

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