Tobruk govt decries W. Libya ISIL attack

Libya's Tobruk-based government has denounced a Monday suicide bombing in the western city of Misurata.

Tobruk govt decries W. Libya ISIL attack

World Bulletin / News Desk 

The government said in a statement that it had been following the movement of armed groups in Libya for a long time, referring to Monday's bombing in Misurata.

The attack, which was claimed by the ISIL, led to the death of several troops from the rival Dawn of Libya militia, along with several passersby.

The attack, the Tobruk government asserted, constituted proof that terrorism was becoming an increasingly common phenomenon in western Libya.

It said such attacks could happen again if the western parts of the country weren't brought under control.

It also called for lifting an arms embargo imposed on Libya so that its troops might protect Libyans from the burgeoning threat of terrorism.

ISIL became a new player on the Libyan scene in February, when it posted a video showing the execution of 20 Egyptians and an African national.

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