Tripoli raises Turkish flag in solidarity with Turkey

Many shopkeepers in Tripoli have hung the Turkish flag outside their shops and throughout the streets, protesting against Armenian claims of genocide.

Tripoli raises Turkish flag in solidarity with Turkey

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In Lebanon today, all schools will be closed, to commemorate the 1915 Armenian incident. A section of the Lebanese comunity in Tripoli, have taken a stand against the initiative by hanging the Turkish flag in front of their shopfront.

The Lebanese Ministry of Education said that all private and public schools will be closed today on Friday for the anniverary of the commoration of the Armenian incident. Some music groups from Armenia have arrived in Tripoli today will be giving concerts are part of the memorial ceremony.

Many people in Tripoli criticised the events which were cancelled as a public lashed out the organisers with some Arrmenian musicians cancelling their events. Some events will continue throughout Saturday and Sunday.

Against the Lebanese governments decision, the people of Tripoli showed their solidarity with Turkey saying that 726 years ago, on the 26th of April, under Sultan El-Mansur Kalavan's leadership, the city  was reconstructed by the Turkish Mamluks, "With the anniversary of the building of our city, a claim of Armenian genocide has nothing to do with our history and it requires us to remember the Turkish people. If the Turks hadn't built our city, we would never be here today. Please join us in raising the Turkish flag, so that we can give our response to these claims" The business owners hung the Turkish flag not only on their shoprfront but also in the streets.








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