Turkey: Russia delaying transition in Syria

Russia is delaying transition process in Syria, says Turkish FM

Turkey: Russia delaying transition in Syria

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Turkey has accused Russia of delaying the possibility of pulling Syria out of crisis through its involvement with airstrikes and military assistance. 

Russia began air operations in Syria on Sept. 30. The Kremlin claims the airstrikes are aimed at supporting the forces of Russia’s ally, President Bashar al-Assad, against ISIL but NATO has accused Russia of targeting groups opposed to Assad.

"What Russia is doing will not bring a benefit apart from delaying the possibility of getting Syria out of this chaos," said Foreign Minister Feridun Sinirlioglu on Thursday. 

Sinirlioglu's remarks came in a joint press conference following a meeting with his Saudi counterpart Adil al-Jubeir in capital Ankara. 

"Russia is in the midst of a huge mistake," said Sinirlioglu, pointing that the Syrian opposition wanted Syrian people to live in democracy and in line with humanitarian honor. 

"Turkey will continue to support the Syrian opposition's legal demands till the end, because finally the one who is right will win," The Turkish minister said.   

He said Turkey's priority was to protect territorial unity of Syria as well as Iraq and to contribute to regional stability. 

Sinirlioglu also dismissed the notion that the Bashar al-Assad regime remain in power in Syria, saying: "If there are those who think Syria will reach stability [with Assad], they are in a dream."

The minister also slammed remarks by Salih Muslim, the leader of the Syrian-based Kurdish Democratic Union Party, or PYD, that threatened to respond to Turkey should it  "attack" them. 

"I am inviting Salih Muslim to show good sense. If he doubts Turkey's will and resolution, it will not be good for him," said Sinirlioglu. "No one should attempt to test this resolution in fighting terrorism."

Muslim spoke to the Kurdish Firat News Agency, reacting to Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu warning the PYD not to use the weapons given by the U.S. in Turkey. The PYD is considered the Syrian branch of the terrorist PKK organization.

Davutoglu had said the PYD would be hit like the PKK if these weapons entered Turkey.

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