Turkish agency enters Tel Abyad district of Syria

The opposition forces being held under the surveillance of the Free Syrian Army in Tel Abyad are ready for possible attacks by the Syrian army.

Turkish agency enters Tel Abyad district of Syria

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Anadolu Agency (AA) team of reporters took photographs and shot videos in northern Syrian city of Raqqa's Tel Abyad district which is right across from Turkey's Akcakale town and most of which is under the control of the Syrian opposition.

The opposition forces being held under the surveillance of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in Tel Abyad are ready for possible attacks by the Syrian army.

Syrian opposition forces have check points on the region's roads in order to detect those working for the Assad forces and to determine those who have come from abroad and work as spies.

Most of the shops in Tel Abyad are closed.

A few Syria families began returning to their homes in the region after the sounds of clashes went down.

FSA forces have detained two people at the Tel Abyad Border Gate under suspicions that they were spying for Assad forces.

The two people are in a locked room and are believed to have been spying for the Assad forces by giving information on the opposition forces in the region.

There are traces of artillery shells launched by Assad troops on almost all buildings of Tel Abyad.

Most of the homes in the region have been evacuated and traces of bullets could be see on the walls of the homes.

FSA troops keep under control many buildings that were used by the Syrian intelligence service, al-Mukhabarat, in torturing prisoners in the region.

FSA forces try to erase the traces of father Assad and his son Bashar al-Assad from the regional buildings.

All pictures of the two Assads have been removed from the walls of the buildings and destroyed. The buildings still possess archives of intelligence units. Opposition forces keep under control intelligence reports on the local people.

Opposition forces told the AA that most of the fierce clashes had taken place while they were trying to gain control of the regional buildings.

A coordinator of FSA troops in Tel Abyad, Abu Khalil, said that he left behind 13 children of his in order to end the Assad regime.

"At one point, I was subjected to torture in one of the buildings we took under control. The Syrian people have suffered immensely by the Assad regime and its troops in the past," Abu Khalil underlined.

"The Assad forces are searching for me with a warrant to hang me. I am not afraid of anything. Only God can take my life. The Assad regime and his stooges are getting weak with each passing day," Abu Khalil noted.

"Artillery shells that landed on Akcakale town (of Turkey) on Wednesday were launched from a region between Raqqa and Tel Abyad. That region is still under the control of Assad forces," Abu Khalil stressed.


"I wish God's mercy to those Turks killed in Akcakale on Wednesday," Abu Khalil stated.

"I offer condolences to the loved ones of those killed in Akcakale. As the FSA, we were deeply saddened by the Akcakale incident. We do not want Turkey to enter the war (in Syria) and get hurt. We request humanitarian assistance, water, bread and food items. God willing, we will come to a better point. We are aware of the support of the Turkish people to us. We do not want Turkey to be involved in the war. Turkey is a crucial country for us. We do not want the Turkish people to get hurt. We have sufficient troops to deal with Assad," Abu Khalil said.

"Electric lines in our town were badly damaged during clashes. There is a serious problem in receiving electricity in Tel Abyad. We expect Turkey to help us in this manner. All infrastructure related to electricity and water in Tel Abyad have been destroyed," Abu Khalil also said.



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