Turkish jets hit ISIL positions in Syria

Turkey's fighter jets hit two ISIL headquarters and one "assembly point"

Turkish jets hit ISIL positions in Syria

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Turkish fighter jets pounded ISIL targets in Syria early on Friday, the prime minister's office said, after Turkey said it would take any "necessary measures" to protect itself from ISIL and Kurdish attacks.

Police, backed by helicopters and special forces, also launched overnight raids on more than 100 suspected ISIL and Kurdish fighters locations in Istanbul, according to media reports. Some 5,000 officers were deployed in the operation.

Three F-16 fighter jets took off from a base in Diyarbakir, southeast Turkey, in the early morning and hit two ISIL headquarters and one "assembly point" before returning, the Prime Minister's office said in a statement.

"Turkish fighter jets didn't cross the Syrian border during the operation," said one official, adding that the attacks had taken place in an area of Syria, across the border from the Turkish town of Kilis.

A cross-border firefight on Thursday in the same area between the Turkish army and ISIL left one fighter and one soldier dead.

The Prime Minister's Office said on Thursday that Turkey will take any necessary measures to protect public order and national security following attacks by ISIL and Kurdish fighters.

It has been hit by a wave of violence in the largely Kurdish southeast after a suspected ISIL suicide bombing killed 32 people, many of them Kurds, in a town on the Syrian border.

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