Turkmen front resists Assad forces in Syria

Turkmens also contribute to the opposition by protecting their villages from the attacks of Assad forces.

Turkmen front resists Assad forces in Syria

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Turkmens living in Syria resist against the Assad regime as well as trying to protect their villages, houses and animals.

The opponent Turkmens fight against the regime forces with limited weapons in the Bayirbucak district of Latakia also known as the Turkmen mountain.

Mevlut Bullar, an 80 year-old Turkmen whose house was severely damaged following the attacks of the regime forces, refuses to leave his village despite the difficult living conditions.

Stating that all the residents of the village had sought refuge in Turkey following the clashes, Bullar said, "I didn't know that the villagers fled to Turkey. I went around the village but there was no one. It was the holy month of Ramadan, there was no bread and water. Then I found a loaf of bread, prayed and I ate it."

Buller stated that he refused to leave his village despite the call of his four children who live in Turkey.

People living in the Turkmen region located in mountainous terrain have mainly evacuated the region due to the attacks. While Turkmens sought refuge in the camps in Turkey, Turkmen men try to take care of their belongings and avoid Assad forces return to the village by guarding the city with light weapons.

While nearly all villages were somehow damaged, some villages have no houses that weren't damaged.

Ebu Huseyin, a 32 year-old Turkmen who stayed behind to guard the village said, "We don't fear that the Assad forces would return. We are guarding our homeland with our limited means."

A 52 year-old Turkmen, Abu Semir was among the many who built shelters to protect themselves from shells. "Villain Assad has put us in this position. We face hunger and we are miserable. Most of the residents of the village fled to Turkey," he noted. 

Güncelleme Tarihi: 21 Mayıs 2013, 17:03
David - 8 yıl Önce

More Propaganda/Lies. The Turkomans of Syria are Alevis, they have no reason to fight against the Assad regime who's religion is almost the same as theirs.