UN still waiting for inspection in Syria

UN team in Syria to investigate whether chemical weapons were used or not in Syrian capital Damascus' suburbs is still waiting to start its inspect in the region

UN still waiting for inspection in Syria

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United Nations (UN) team in Syria to investigate whether chemical weapons were used or not in Syrian capital Damascus' suburbs has still not started its research in the region. 

Incidents in Syria, lasting for nearly 3 years, where the death toll has reached 100,000 with last chemical attack, caused civilians' death day by day for UN Security Council can not take any precautions against it. 

International community wants the UN team to arrive in the scene and start to collect evidences proving a new attack after the team arrived in the country. 35 countries, including Turkey, US, Britain and France requested the committee to start its research, investigating also on the latest attack. 

UN had asked official permission from Syrian government for access and inspection regarding the recent chemical attack claims in Syria on Thursday. Syrian government's statements which accuse the Syrian oppositions after each chemical weapon attack, increase the suspects that weapons were used in the region.   

- No decision comes out of the Security Council-

For the division with the UN Security Council, no concrete steps could have been taken. Especially Russia, which gives an unconditioned support to the Assad regime and has the right to veto, causes a deadlock in the UN system.  

UN mission in Damascus has to act according to the Syrian government rules though investigation search request is accepted by the Syrian government.   

UN mission was established after Syrian government applied to the Secretary General. Assad regime wanted Ban Ki Moon to investigate on the assaults, saying the opposition used chemical weapons on March 19. 

UN High Representative for Disarmanent Affairs Angela Kane held 4 separate negotiation talks with the Syrian government, which finally led to allow a team of 20 to reach Damascus and investigate. However, the team has not got the needed access for its mission.  

As in accordance, duty of UN mission is limited to confirm whether chemical weapons were used or not. They are not allowed to confirm the identity of who used the chemical weapons. The team is responsible to present a report to Ban. For any other developments in the future on the issue, a permission from the Security Council will be needed. It is believed that rather than the final report of the UN mission, Russia's attitude will be more effective to solve the crisis.  

On Wednesday, Syrian National Coalition (SNC) said at least 1,300 people were killed in a chemical attack which it blamed on forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the suburbs of the Ghouta region near Damascus.

But the Syrian regime strongly denied the claim and described reports and figures as "lies and groundless," saying reports were aimed at "distracting a visiting team of United Nations chemical weapons experts from their mission."

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