US amends al-Nusra to Jabhat Fath al-Sham

State Dept. says group continues to commit terrorist acts despite attempts to distinguish itself from al-Nusra

US amends al-Nusra to Jabhat Fath al-Sham

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The State Department on Thursday amended the foreign terrorist organization designated Jabhat al-Nusra Front's name to Jabhat Fath al-Sham, according to a statement.

The al-Qaeda affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra leader, Abu Muhammed al-Jawlani, announced in July that his group changed its name to Jabhat Fath al-Sham.

"Despite attempts to distinguish itself from al-Nusrah Front by developing a new logo and flag, Jabhat Fath al Sham’s principles continue to be the same as those of al-Qa‘ida and the group remains committed to carrying out terroristactivity under this new name," the State Department said.

Americans are prohibited from engaging in transactions with Jabhat Fath al-Sham and all property and interests in property of the organization subject to U.S. jurisdiction are blocked.

Providing or attempting to provide material support or resources to the organization is also prohibited.

Meanwhile, President Barack Obama requested an additional $5.8 billion from Congress to support the Pentagon and other agencies in a budget amendment to counter ISIL and combat violent extremism, according to the White House.

Secretary of State John Kerry, in a statement separate from the State Department, said ISIL posed an immediate threat to the U.S. and its allies and, it was an urgent priority for the U.S. to "have the full resources necessary” to defeat the terror group.

"This budget amendment will enable us” to pursue ISIL networks inside and out of Iraq and Syria, he said, and added that he looked forward to work with the Congress to ensure funding.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter said the plan reflects the "evolving" U.S. military campaign in Afghanistan in addition to achieved results on against ISIL in Mosul and Raqqa.

Republican Mac Thornberry, Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, said the committee carefully reviewed the request and the amount did still not "accommodate the increased pace of operations against ISIL and does nothing to begin addressing the readiness crisis.

"It is time to put politics aside and provide our men and women in uniform the resources actually required, not just what is politically expedient," he said.




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