US: Arab states will not change position on Palestine

Israeli-Arab 'cooperation' over Iran deal is unlikely to change Arab states' tack on Palestine

US: Arab states will not change position on Palestine

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In spite of mutual opposition to Iran deal by both Arab Gulf states and Israel and signs of possible rapprochement, Arab countries will not change its position on Palestine and will not ask Palestinians to make concessions, a senior official in the Obama administration said. 

Briefing Israeli reporters in Washington last week, the official welcomed increased collaboration between Jerusalem and the Gulf States over their common "enemy" Iran, but effectively denied Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s claim that such cooperation could lead to a breakthrough in the peace process.

In recent months, Netanyahu has repeatedly argued that the converging security interests of Israel and the moderate Sunni Arab states have led to an unprecedented, if unofficial, alliance. “Our best allies actually these days are some of our Arab neighbors, because they know we face a common threat,” he said at a conference in March.

At last year’s UN General Assembly, Netanyahu argued that the “partnership between us can also help facilitate peace between Israel and the Palestinians.” As opposed to the commonly accepted view - articulated, for example, in the Arab Peace Initiative - which says that the Arab states will normalize relations with Israel as soon as the conflict with the Palestinians is resolved, Netanyahu said that “it may work the other way around, namely that a broader rapprochement between Israel and the Arab world may help facilitate an Israeli-Palestinian peace.”

Washington embraces the idea of an Arab-Israeli rapprochement, but the administration does not believe it could replace direct bilateral talks with the Palestinians.

Invariably, the Arabs will come to the fact that there is a plan on the table -  the Arab Peace Initiative. The plan, first announced in 2002 and since reissued every year by the Arab League, calls for an Israeli withdrawal to the pre-1967 lines and a “just and agreed solution” to the refugee issue in return for the establishment for Israel of full diplomatic relations with 57 Arab and Muslim states.


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